Tips To Prepare a Home For Cold Weather

We wish to think one of our jobs is to help our customers establish as energy-efficient of a residence as possible.  We do more than plan heating system examinations, or carry out heater replacements.  We like teaching our customers on all kinds of things they can do to help spend less money heating a residence in the winter season.  Knowing that, here are some different recommendations one can do around ones Spring TX home.

1. Seal your home. Check windows, doors and the exterior of the property for cracks or air leaks. Caulk, patch or weather-strip any area that might leak cold air having the heating system to work harder. Check air ducts for leaks and insert any storm windows one has and put the screens out for the wintertime.

2. Window coverings. Make use of drapes and blinds to minimize the volume of heat lost via house windows.  Windows that do let direct daylight inside should be uncovered when the sun is shining on them to heat the house though.

3. Make sure the gutters are clean. Gutters and drains that clog up can form ice dams that keep them from draining correctly and can lead to water getting into the home. Soil about the household’s foundation needs to decline clear of the home to make sure rain and snow can drain from gutters away from the house.

4. Look at the property’s insulation. Be sure the amount of insulation in the attic and anywhere else it is located, is adequate.

5. Ceiling fan direction. Ceiling fans need to operate clockwise during the winter months in order to push warm air downward and recirculate it all over the space.

6. Fireplace suggestions.  Be sure that fireplaces are cleaned and that dampers seal off correctly. Additionally, it is actually smart to be certain the chimney is cleaned by a specialist from time to time as well.

7. Exchange furnace filters on a regular basis. Clean filters assistance with improving airflow and efficiency, along with with decreasing ones energy expenses. Throughout the cold months, filters really should be changed every month, when the furnace is being utilized on a daily basis.

8. Schedule a yearly furnace examination.

Tips To Prepare a Home For Cold Weather